A Brief Review of Windows Defender

While lots of users think that the default antivirus program must be of poor quality and no extra features, Windows Defender proves the opposite. This often neglected software actually has a set of extra features and tools to block viruses and secure safe online browsing. Some users find it enough for basic activities. Let’s learn more about the program and find an answer to the popular question: is Windows Defender any good?


Windows Defender offers basic protection from viruses, Trojan, ransomware, and other kinds of malware. If you get a Windows-running device, it comes a part of the system. It implies that when you decide not to install any antivirus protection, your device already has certain security tools. You may find them in the Security Center and adjust to your preferences. Moreover, the software automatically detects other antivirus solutions you add.

The basic and free antivirus impresses with the abundance of extras. Even independent testing labs like AV-Test puts Windows Defender in the top 10 antivirus programs. It detects and removes malicious programs fast and efficiently.

On the other hand, you must remember that this tool doesn’t detect nor remove software that has a low-risk level. For instance, it ignores adware since it doesn’t bring any trouble to users. Although it might lead to tons of pop-up windows, the developer finds it less annoying than ransomware or identity theft.

Windows Defender is integrated with cloud storage like OneDrive and Microsoft. Using this software, a user can copy the folders to the cloud and reach them even in case the folder was attacked by ransomware.

Although the abundance of features is impressive, there are lots of security issues that require improvement. Still, having no other option, it’s a decent choice.

Main Features

Every user also gets the Windows Browser with extended security. It’s not very convenient for beginners, but it comes with a possibility to create the rules to secure the incoming and outgoing traffic.

What’s more, you can expect decent phishing protection when using browsers like Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. In case you use Google Chrome, you may add Windows Defender plug-in using the Google Store.

Parental control also comes as a part of the bundle. You are able to adjust the setting and add new family members. The system encouraged you to create separate accounts for the kids. Whenever they use Microsoft Edge (simply block other browsers for them), the limits start working. It also concerns the time they spend online.  

The simplicity

Every Windows-running device has this software. In case no antivirus software is added, Windows Defender turns on. Using the Security Center, a user quickly and simply adjusts the settings and learn more about the available features.

Customer support

Since this is a component of the Windows operating system, Microsoft can help you solve any occurring issue. Find the corresponding FAQ section or communicate with a virtual assistant. There are lots of resources that can help you. However, you can reach out to an expert as other antivirus programs offer. There is no live chat, phone or email support.

The price

Windows Defender is completely free of charge. It’s automatically installed with any Windows operating system and activated if no alternative is added.

The Verdict

Using Windows Defender has certain peculiarities. Now you know about most of them and can drive to your own conclusion. Lack of communication with customer support and a confusing interface doesn’t make it appealing or user-friendly. However, it secures basic protection when your device lacks one. It doesn’t cost you anything as the software comes with any Windows version.

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