Best vpn for mac

A virtual private network is really useful for online protection and to browse sites anonymously. Except for security, it is also used to unblock sites and to access the content libraries of other countries like Netflix.

In this post, I would like to tell you the best VPN for Max devices. As I already told that protection is a very critical point and you have to be very serious about it.

iOS is the most powerful and secure system but its uses are also being attacked by the hackers so ho Mac users can be safe? If you will use a VPN and hide your identity then you will not be easy prey.

Now let’s explore the best VPN for Mac.

NordVPN for Mac

NordVPN is the best and most popular VPN in the market. Its features and ease of use keep it’s bright among its competitors.

NordVPN offers fast speed, double VPN and special P2P servers. They have strict no log policy. They do not track any of your data and even ISP cannot track you.

NordVPN is also a good choice if you need a VPN for torrent or Netflix streaming. It’s the lowest price is $2.99 per month for 3 years subscription.


This is another trusted VPN. It has about 2,000 servers across 94 countries. ExpressVPN is also very strict about user privacy and has zero log policy.

It also offers double VPN, kill switch, up to 3 connections and 24/7 customer support. You can get it at the price of $6.67 per month


This is another big name in the industry. It has 3,700 servers available across 56 countries. Another feature is that it has pre-set options which make it uses easy.

Unlike other VPNs it’s the price is also lower. You can get it at the cost of $2.10 per month. CyberGhost uses military level encryption to provide a secure environment to its users. They have no log policy which shows their sincerity with users.

Applications are also available for smartphones which are easy to use.


This is another great VPN with 2,000 servers available across 141 countries. Its servers speed is very reliable and the protection level is also advance.

Like the other VPNs, it’s features are also alike which include zero logging policy, military level encryption, hide IP address and other personal details. However, PureVPN servers are available in more countries than others.

You can get it at the price of $3.33 per month.


It is relatively a new VPN in the market. I picked up it as it’s the price is lower than others while the services are similar. It has 800 servers across 50 countries and unlimited simultaneous connections.

Anyhow, it’s servers are lower in numbers than the other VPN providers but it is providing a connection from all the popular locations.

It has zero logging policy, your identity protection, applications and browser extensions for popular devices.

This was the list of best VPN. My job was to provide an honest review. Now it is over to you. Anyhow, NordVPN is our recommendation.

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