How do the Secure File Sharing Features of Virtual Data Rooms work?

Nowadays Electronic Data Rooms are becoming more important in the commercial strategy of many companies. Because the priority of this software is security. In this article more about it.

Security data exchange – the basis of any informational system

Whatever you use to transfer files between company employees or external counterparties – public cloud or FTP – today these mechanisms can be considered outdated. This is about the same as putting a document in a desk drawer; in this case, there can be no question of any protection of the company’s data. While the VDR is your personal safety for storing corporate information, from which no one can take anything, remaining unnoticed. Every attempt, every action is recorded and monitored.

Information security of Digital Data Room includes the following aspects:

  • the state of security of the information space, ensuring its formation and development in the interests of all members of the transaction;
  • the state of the infrastructure, in which the information is used strictly for its intended purpose and does not have a negative impact on the system during its use;
  • the state of information in which it is excluded or significantly hampered by the violation of its properties such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability;
  • the economic component (management structures in the economic sphere, including systems for collecting, accumulating, and processing information in the interests of managing production structures, systems for general economic analysis and forecasting economic development, management and coordination systems in industry and transport, management systems for energy systems, centralized supply, systems decision-making and coordination of actions in emergency situations, information and telecommunication systems);
  • financial component (information networks and databases of banks and banking associations, systems of financial exchange, and financial settlements).

How to set up secure File Sharing features in a Data Room?

The System Administrator of VDR often needs to give users access to a folder where certain types of documents are stored. In this regard, we can distinguish two situations:

  • the user is given access to a folder in his hierarchy of personal folders, he can view, create/edit documents in it;
  • the user does not directly have access to the folder with documents of some type, however, he can indirectly, editing the fields of other documents, use this folder: view, create/modify documents in it. For example, as it turns out, with the directories of the System.

Permissions mean the ability to perform certain actions on folders and documents in VDR: editing, deleting, creating new sub-objects, and so on. The set of permissions determines the level of access. The user may not be directly accessible to a particular folder, but, nevertheless, he will be able to see documents from these folders when editing the fields of other documents.

The administrator of a Data Room can assign access rights to user groups or to individual users. It is recommended to change the access rights to system folders only by an experienced administrator in order not to damage the logic of the system. You can, for example, change the permissions on the folders of the organization’s document hierarchy that are visible to all users of the system.

The leading VDR providers

There are many companies worldwide that provide Data Room service, the largest are concentrated in the States as Intralinks, a leading company in the VDR service, Firmex or V-Rooms in Australia, Imprima virtual data room italia, Drooms from Germany, etc. 

Such solutions will allow you to create secure storage with the ability to restrict access rights and apply permanent watermarks to confidential documents.

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