iolo Review

This article will take a look at Iolo antivirus. It is gaining attention for its technology of malware removal, and other useful features that help to keep your PC safe.

When do we use antivirus?

A computer virus is a set of executable machine codes that can make its copies and place them in files, computer system areas, and computer networks. A virus is a kind of program that, unlike regular programs, never saves itself as separate files, and can also perform various unwanted actions on your computer.

Viruses are usually located in files that mostly control the work. These are files of OS, system and application programs, device drivers, files of object modules and libraries, disk and system bootloaders, initial texts of programs in high-level languages.

So, there are common signs that indicate the presence of the virus on your PC:

  • Changing the default page in the browser, the appearance in the browser of new toolbars that you did not install, and in the browsing history of the browser – pages that you have not visited. When you open a new window/tab in the browser, a page unfamiliar to you is loaded by default, a new toolbar has appeared in the browser, and you do not remember to install it, or pages that you have never been to appear in the browser history of visits – this is rather in total, evidence of the presence of malware.
  • Your colleagues, acquaintances, and/or relatives report that they received messages from you that you did not send. These can be emails, messages sent from your social media accounts, or instant messengers. Such messages often contain attachments, which, as a rule, contain a copy of a virus or a link to a resource, by clicking on which the addressee will start an automatic process of downloading and installing malware on his computer.
  • The appearance of unknown dialog boxes, spontaneous loading, and closing of applications, Windows notification about the lack of access to any of the local drives. On the one hand, all this can be the result of hardware and/or software problems. On the other hand, it is a sign of computer infection.

The functionality of the Iolo antivirus

Iolo antivirus is an antivirus that uses real-time protection, thereby providing maximum security for your computer. This antivirus does not require constant updates, as it uses an automatically updated database of viruses and attacks to provide maximum protection. The software package is easy to use and targeted at a wide range of users – it is easy to install, configure and use. Most of the processes are automated; the use of the program requires minimal human intervention.

In comparison avast vs it is worth noting another important advantage of this program – the relatively small size of the download file and a fairly high-speed antivirus scanner – a very useful quality, especially if you take into account the volume of modern hard drives. This antivirus is a specialized software designed to detect malicious programs and restore files infected by them, as well as for prophylaxis – preventing files from being infected with malicious code.

The list of the Iolo functions includes the following options:

  • Continuous analysis of the state of the network;
  • The ability to manage updates, deployment, and security settings from a single console;
  • Transparency of operations and customizable statistics: all components of antivirus programs maintain report files, respectively, all changes are displayed in statistics;
  • Instant detection of dangerous viruses and other malicious programs and attacks.
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