Free vpn for torrent

Virtual Private Network or VPN helps you to hide your identity, unblock sites and browse anonymously. In this article, I shall only talk about 5 free VPN for torrents.

List of 5 Best Free VPN includes:

Hotspot Shield


Security Kiss


Now, let’s see the features of each VPN and then you will be able to choose the right one.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the most popular VPN among the free versions. Its popularity is due to super fast speed and easy to use interference which can be easily understood even by newbies.

But there are also limitations. You can download a maximum of 500 MB per day. This might be enough for you.

This is the second most popular virtual private network which is being used around the globe. Its servers are fast. It is recommended to choose the nearest location’s server for best experience and high speed. offers applications for Android and iOS devices. Negative point is that you can connect only with three servers and can download a maximum of 2 GB data per month.


It is another free VPN for torrent. Although it is free you can use only one server which is from the USA while you will also face downloading speed which is 300 kbps maximum.

ProXPN also offers paid account where you will not face any limitation.

Security Kiss

Another free VPN. Security kiss features include good speed and 4 available locations/countries. You are allowed to use 300 MB of data per day.


With Windscribe, you can use 10GB data per month. This size allows you to torrent some bigger files. The major problem is that there are only 11 servers available. These small number of servers will not be able to provide high speed.

These were the top 5 free VPN for torrent. You can use any of them for torrenting. Anyhow, you will have limitations with free VPN service providers. If you ask me, I am not really in favor of free VPN.

Why Free VPN is Not a Good Choice?

There are lots of issues with free VPNs.

Speed limitations

Servers and locations limitations

You are not really secure

Your activities still can be monitored by ISP (internet service provider)

VPN provider shows advertisements

VPN may be selling your habits and history

Connection drop problem

All of the above problems discourage the use of free VPN. If you really serious about your online privacy and want to browse anonymously at maximum speed then try any premium VPN like NordVPN.

Our Recommendation

We recommend using NordVPN for online identity protection. You can try NordVPN for one month at the cost of $11.95 while the price will be lower if you will subscribe for 1 or more years. NordVPN gives 30 days of money back guarantee. You can claim your money and they will return it without any investigation.

Last Words

You can try free VPN and then use the trial version of a paid VPN. You will understand the difference between both.

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