The best Antivirus for Android:

McAfee has earned a good name among best antivirus for Android. Its mobile security is as good as for PC and Laptops. McAfee’s theft-control features are more than merely a guard from virtual thieves. It guards your android phone form the physical theft. Really astonishing!

At one place it serves vigilantly as a good and strong scanner for virus, at the other end, it provides you free of cost theft-control feature. It can trace your theft mobile and most important feature is, it will take a picture of the thief. Is not it an amazing feature? Besides these wonderful features, it has other handy features too. One of them is locking your device remotely. you can wipe out all important and private data remotely.

Sometimes it happens that you download an application as a working tool, but this very device where facilitates you, works as a hidden spy. It starts leaking your important information silently. It may steal your data, private photos or your online activities.

McAfee brings its users at ease in this regard. It has a brilliant feature of application checking. It scans applications and takes care of them if they are leaking any kind of information. It has the ability to lock such applications automatically, if required. McAfee’s blocking features are marvelous. It facilitates you to block unwanted callers and text-badgering on your mark. It also blocks the websites which do have any malicious wares. Overall, it is popular among android users for its unparalleled features. An antivirus apart.

Its free version comes with power booster. However, it contains adds. If you want to get rid of ads and get phone support, you need to have its purchased version. Though it is free yet phone support is not available with free version.  Its premium version is there to get full phone support and ads-free anti-malware.

If you intend to buy, its offers are as:  It provides total protection on its all packages.

One year’s subscription for one device is $39.99. One year’s subscription for five devices is $44.99. Its best deal is one year’s subscription for ten devices which is $49.99

Sum up: McAfee is free anti-virus with its full qualities and features. It is android friendly and provides physical security as well as security against system virus. It works as an application scanner too. To have an ads-free version of it with phone support as well, you need to get its paid version. Now it is up to the users either they can afford ads or free of ads version of McAfee anti-Malware.  

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